Benefits that make an Impact.

The Venture Fellow Program is highly selective (less than 8% of applicants are offered a position). But for those who are chosen, the benefits are plentiful and potent.

Add VC to your Resume and LinkedIn Profile.

Opportunities in venture capital are extremely scarce and incredibly competitive. The Venture Fellow Program gets your foot in the door, and sets you up for whatever you choose as your next career move.

Amplified Professional Development.

We view our Fellows as our customers, and the program is intentionally designed around learning and growth opportunities for you.

  • Access to veteran entrepreneurs and investors on Alumni Ventures Group and fund deal teams
  • Monthly AMAs, webinars, and other custom educational opportunities led by fund deal teams
  • Real work that will help you in your current job and in your future career
  • Meaningful and impactful stories to tell in your next job interview

Access to Diligence Materials.

We offer our Fellows an unprecedented peek behind the curtain into VC deal sourcing, diligence, Investment Committee conversations, and deal decision making. 

Network Value.

Build your own national peer network of other Fellows who are also the rising stars of entrepreneurship and venture capital. Also, build your own professional network of alumni while helping your fund build its alumni community.



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