Alumni Ventures Group is a family of venture capital funds. We offer individual accredited investors a smart and simple way to invest in venture capital.

We feel strongly that our industry of venture capital, and also more broadly the entrepreneurial ecosystem, will be better with more diversity. This issue is important and we are doing something about it.

The Venture Fellow Program is an on-ramp into VC.


On-Ramp To VC.

Help accelerate the career trajectories of our Venture Fellows.


Provide a unique set of opportunities that promote education in all aspects of venture capital and entrepreneurship.


Promote diversity in venture capital and entrepreneurship.



Luke Antal, now Alumni Ventures Group Chief Marketing Officer, founded the program in 2014 when he cold called AVG CEO Mike Collins and Board Member Jim Gill. Luke was a serial entrepreneur with a bootstrapped exit, a niche angel-backed business, and a promising venture-backed company. He wanted to get a foot in the door of VC. He heard that Mike and Jim—fellow Dartmouth alumni—were launching Green D Ventures, a venture fund for Dartmouth alumni seeking to invest in fellow alumni entrepreneurs. Luke offered to work mornings, nights, and weekends to help launch the prototype fund, which successfully raised $1.5M from 45 Dartmouth alumni.

Over the course of the next year, Mike, Luke, and a small team raised a $4M second fund in 2015 from 99 Dartmouth alumni. The team decided to bring the model to other school ecosystems, and Luke joined as CMO in 2015. To help scale the business, Luke developed The Venture Fellow Program, which supports growth in several different parts of all venture funds in the Launch Angels family.

In 2016, Wes Moyer joined the Fellow Program as a Community Engagement Fellow. Over the course of the following six months, Wes was promoted to Venture Fellow, Sr. Venture Fellow, and to Director of the Fellow Program. Wes now runs all day-to-day operations, currently overseeing 30 Fellows across seven alumni funds.

In 2016, Alumni Ventures Group raised over $20M through its funds for Dartmouth, Harvard, MIT, and Yale alumni. In 2017, AVG will launch five new funds and continues to bring its model to new alumni ecosystems.

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