Organization & Structure.

The Venture Fellow Program is a professional organization within Alumni Ventures Group. We provide a formal recruiting and interview process, management structure, defined expectations, mutually agreed upon deadlines, and clear growth trajectory. We aim to help our Fellows with whatever is most important to their career growth.

Structured Onboarding, Training, & Management.

Wes Moyer, Director of the Fellow Program, runs our onboarding and training. You'll receive a one-on-one overview of AVG, our funds, the Program, and the projects that you will be working on. Training is done through three video chat and screenshare sessions over the course of a month. 

Modular Projects, Clear Deliverables.

Once you are through the onboarding and training process, you'll immediately be placed on a project. We will never ask you to do something that we haven't already done ourselves. This structure allows us to take a systematic and organized approach to our work. Deadlines are always mutually agreed upon based on your bandwidth and schedule.

Transparent Growth Trajectory.

All Fellows follow this same progression:

  • Community Engagement Fellow. Do work that supports our community growth and fundraising, while engaging with alumni and growing your network.
  • Venture Fellow. Start working in support of our deal teams. Assist with deal sourcing and diligence.
  • Senior Venture Fellow. Paid, part-time associate-level responsibilities.

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