Chris Parker, Venture Fellow @ Green D Ventures

Chris is a Dartmouth '11 and a Venture Fellow for Green D Ventures. When he joined the program, Chris was working in an operational role at a cyber-security startup in DC. He became interested in the financing mechanisms behind his VC-backed company and leveraged the Fellow Program to gain experience and learn more about the VC industry. Chris now works as a Business Development & Community Lead at Bessemer Venture Partners.

“Green D Ventures provided me with an incredibly rare opportunity to turn what was a nascent interest in venture capital into a meaningful career transition into the industry. Thanks to the flexibility of the program, I was able to take on meaningful projects that often proved to be more helpful during my VC interview process than the work I was doing at my full-time position. Everyone on the team has been a phenomenal mentor and reference and, more than any other organization at Dartmouth, Green D has allowed me to remain connected to the College and fellow alumni.” — Chris Parker D'11, Venture Fellow, Green D Ventures

Tyler Varga, Community Engagement Fellow @ Blue Ivy Ventures

Tyler played a year of pro football for the Indianapolis Colts upon graduation from Yale in 2015. After injuries forced him to hang up his cleats, he began to network for a role in the financial industry. He joined Blue Ivy Ventures as a way to get his foot in the door and to demonstrate his interest in venture capital. Tyler worked to support Blue Ivy's successful fundraising for its inaugural 2016 Annual Fund. Tyler now works as an Analyst for ARC Financial Group, a Canadian PE firm.

"The Fellow Program was a critical stepping-stone for my career in the financial sector. It gave me the opportunity to crystallize my understanding of the private investment sphere and learn the mechanics of capital raising. My experience was not only fulfilling from a personal growth standpoint, it was the leverage that I needed to land a subsequent role in the private equity industry." — Tyler Varga YC'15, Community Engagement Fellow, Blue Ivy Ventures

Ryan Isono, Venture Fellow @ The Yard Ventures

Ryan worked on Wall Street as an investment banker but wanted to transition his career to VC. He was referred to the Fellow Program by Jeremiah Kreisberg, a Fellow with Blue Ivy Ventures, who Ryan grew up with. After about six months in the program, Ryan started reaching out to VCs to network and explore job opportunities. Through his own credentials and strong references from the Launch Angels and Yard Ventures teams, Ryan secured a job as a Venture Investor with Revel Partners, a NYC-based VC firm.

“The Yard Ventures Fellow Program played an important role in my career transition to venture capital. It is very a unique opportunity to gain relevant experience, demonstrate interest, and build a network in the VC industry. The flexible hours and work schedule make it possible to be a part of the program even with a strenuous full-time job. The expertise of the team, in combination with their willingness to help, plays a large part in the value of the program.”— Ryan Isono AB'15, Venture Fellow, The Yard Ventures

Sarah Guzick, Venture Fellow @ Blue Ivy Ventures

Sarah was working in an analyst role at SolarCity (acquired by Tesla in November 2016) and wanted to move into a managerial position with more responsibility. The Fellow Program helped Sarah network with other Yale alumni within the renewable energy industry, and her fellow alumni helped to refine Sarah's pitch and career growth strategy. Sarah applied for a highly competitive position on a new team forming within SolarCity, and leveraged her experience as a Venture Fellow to get the job. Sarah now works as a Project Development Engineer at Tesla and manages the development of a portfolio of large commercial solar projects from contract to operation, including all aspects of financing, permitting, utility relations, and incentives.

“The Blue Ivy Ventures Fellow Program was key in expanding my professional network and forming connections for future job opportunities. While participating in the Fellow Program, I worked full-time in commercial solar development at SolarCity. Through the Program, I was given the opportunity to connect with hundreds of Yale alumni in the renewable energy industry. Many saw the Yale connection, noticed the work that I was doing both at SolarCity and with Blue Ivy Ventures, and were interested in speaking to me further. From there, I have been able to establish relationships that benefit Blue Ivy and build our community base, but also serve as resources for me as I continue to build my career in the renewable energy industry.” — Sarah Guzick YC'13, Venture Fellow, Blue Ivy Ventures


Esha Sahai, Venture Fellow @ Castor Ventures

Esha works in Strategy at Microsoft and enjoys the experience of analyzing cutting edge technologies and startups. As a Venture Fellow at Castor Ventures, she continues that work by looking at innovative companies from the lens of investment in order to add value to the fund's community, entrepreneurs, and investors. She is a big believer that people make organizations, and she thoroughly enjoys interacting with very smart and fun-loving individuals at Castor Ventures and Launch Angels.

“It is an understatement to say that it has been an incredible experience. As a lifelong, passionate learner, I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity during this phenomenal phase in technology. No doubt we are living in interesting times - it is amazing to not only observe innovation so closely but also contribute to the progress of our society.” Esha Sahai MIT Sloan '15, Venture Fellow, Castor Ventures

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